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Academic Results

Outstanding results in the HSC

Higher School Certificate

  • HSC All Round Achievers
  • 1st place in Legal Studies 2018
  • 3rd place in Dance 2017
  • 2nd place in Human Services 2017
  • 2nd place in Industrial technology 2015
  • Dux for 2018 achieved ATAR score of 99.05
  • Dux for 2017 achieved ATAR score of 97.35
  • Dux for 2016 achieved ATAR score of 98.05
  • Dux for 2014 achieved ATAR score 99.15
  • Dux for 2013 achieved ATAR score of 99.25
  • Dux for 2012 achieved ATAR score of 99.65
  • Top Achiever in Italian Continuers 2013
  • 2nd place in Dance and Studies of Religion 1, 2010
  • 2nd place in French Beginners 2011
  • 9th place in Mathematics 2012
  • 100% in Music Extension 1. 2010
  • Selection for InTech 2014
  • 17 nominations in exemplar projects in Dance and Visual Arts 2017

Each year at St Mary’s we celebrate the achievement of our girls’ HSC results. These results are a combination of the hard work of the girls, their parents and teachers.

St Mary’s Year 12 students of 2018 can be very proud of their results. The top range of marks, those over 90%, is examined most critically in the media and whilst St Mary’s is proud of its performance at the top end it is often the middle and even the bottom ranges that tell you more about a school. It is particularly pleasing to note that the middle range of students achieved very pleasing results, with over 78% of all results being recorded as either Band 6s, Band 5s and Band 4s. The number of students who make up our “academic tail” has continued to remain low.

Highlights 2018

  • Number of Band 6 results - 96
  • HSC Course average marks above the State mean in 30 subjects

Distinguished Achievers List:

The Distinguished Achievers List contains the names of any students who achieved Band 6 (ie gained a HSC mark in of 90% or greater) for a course, or in the case of extension courses, Band E4. In 2018, 54 students were named on the Distinguished Achievers List and there were 96 Band 6 results.


Schools do not receive any information from UAC about the ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) achieved by our students. Our top ATAR 2018 (DUX of the school) was Maya Francis with a result of 99.05. Congratulations Maya on such an outstanding achievement.